July 19, 2016

Custom Blinds & Shades to Match Your Decor

Don’t miss your chance to learn new and valuable things about window shades and blinds. Our FAQ page is a great free source of information. Learn how to make your home or office even better.

How many layers of cells can honeycomb blinds have?

There are models with one, two or three layers, as noted by our Newport Beach Blinds & Shades specialists. The more layers the blinds have, the higher level of insulation they provide, all other things being equal.

What are silhouette blinds?

They have thicker fabric vanes set between two layers of sheer fabric. The result is a unique design with fabulous looks and great functionality. You can tilt the vanes easily to regulate the amount of light which comes in and your level of privacy.

Does the brand matter when you buy window blinds?

You should definitely go for coverings from a reputable brand. You would not want to make compromises with quality. It is always important to check the warranty which the window treatments come with to get a better idea of their durability.

How can you remove stains from window shades?

If the stain is still liquid, you should blot it first. Most stains will go away when you treat them with a tiny amount of mild detergent and warm water. You should be extra careful not to crush or wrinkle the fabric.

How much light should kitchen window shades let in?

With more ambient light, the kitchen is brighter and feels more inviting. You will also be able to perform various tasks without turning the lights on. At the same time, even sheer shades can give you the required level of privacy.

How do you remove stains from fabric shades?

Act immediately to blot the stain from the outside, by using a white towel or white kitchen paper to avoid color transfer. You can then use a tiny bit of mild detergent to get rid of the stain completely.

Which style of blind are best for energy saving?

Roller blinds and honeycomb blinds can be great for insulation. Rollers can be shaped to cover windows with a sheet of thick fabric. Honeycomb blinds have space between their pleats which makes them effective at repelling warmth. Either of these designs will help reduce your need for heating and can save on your energy consumption.

Can my blinds be made in custom sizes?

Yes. Almost all types of blinds can be cut down to be the perfect size you need them. Its best to buy them from a specialist blinds company to have all the best options. Roller blinds are likely to be the most affordable style to have made in custom sizes.