Romans Blinds

July 6, 2016

Roman blinds are a great option if you are looking for custom window treatments. These roll down shades are loved by many homeowners as the best way to provide complete shade in one swift motion of letting down the fabric. Because this window shade uses fabric as its main source of light filtering, it is naturally a very customizable covering as you can hand-select the fabric that is used. This ability to customize your window covering in this way makes it an easy upgrade to your overall home décor that also, simultaneously, increases the functionality of your windows.

affordable blindsCustomize Your Shades

Roman shades are used to completely block out the light from windows when the shades are fully lowered. When light is desired, however, they are easily lifted in order to reveal a completely unobstructed view out the window. Soft pleats or flat lay are also customizable options depending on if you are looking for a traditional look or a more modern look.

Our 5 year warranty makes these a sound investment and we are certain that we can offer you the best price.

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