Six Benefits of Honeycomb Shades

Insulation is an essential component of window treatments whether during the summer or the winter. Insulation helps reduce air conditioning costs during the summer months and keeps the house cooler. During winter, it helps regulate air and humidity within the household, keeping the environment warm and crisp.

While many people would have heard about cellular shades or roman shades and the incredible insulation abilities they offer, not many are aware of honeycomb shades and their amazing benefits for the home or office.

Honeycomb shades have these superior benefits:

Good Light Filtering

The great thing about honeycomb shades is that it keeps the harmful UV rays out of our living spaces by not allowing it to pass through the shade. It also gives you the ability to see through the shade.

Helpful Light Blocking

Honeycomb shades also come with light blocking abilities and it blocks, even more, UV rays than the light filtering versions. It is ideal for the bedroom, theater and any place where you need complete control of light transmissions.

Better-quality Insulation

With proper insulation technology in these honeycomb shades, you can be sure that your home will stay warm during winter and cool for the summer.

Reduces the Noise

Honeycomb shades have superior noise reduction abilities, up to 45%. It can reduce the sound of road works, passing traffic, people talking. The environment inside your house will be much calmer than the one outside.

Helps with Bills

Did you know that honeycomb designed shades create air pockets that keep temperatures from outside from coming in? Honeycombs unique shapes have excellent insulation properties that help you save money on energy bills by not overworking your Air conditioner to make the room cooler.

You can purchase honeycomb shades anywhere. Brands like Hunter Douglas, Hampton Bay, and Levolor all carry these unique shades that are excellent choices as window coverings. Our company is a proud supplier, so never hesitate giving us a call about it.

When you are looking for honeycomb shades, look for those with d-shaped cells as they are designed to hold the honeycomb style better. Essentially, the more concentrated the number of cells, the better insulation it will provide for your homes or offices.

You can get these great window decorations in any fabric choices from point bond to spun lace. The next time you go shopping for window decorations and treatments, get your hands on some beautiful honeycomb shades that offer elegance, style as well as practicality.