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Curious to know what kind of window coverings we can provide for your home or business? Don’t worry! Our team has a selection of some of our most recent projects for you below.

Vertical Blinds | Santa Ana | Newport Beach Blinds & Shades

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: Ms. Campbell’s existing curtains were excellent at blocking the sun, but had to be completely open to let the light in.
Our Solution: Once we took into consideration the style Ms. Campbell was going for, the size and position of her windows, etc. we recommended going with vertical blinds. We custom made them according to Ms. Campbell’s windows, went back to hers and promptly mounted them. Our customer was finally able to let in as much or as little sunlight as she wanted!

Isabel Campbell - Santa Ana
Blackout Curtains Nearby Newport Beach LA

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Mr. Farlen’s bedroom window needed some new blackout curtains after a household accident ruined his last set. We installed the last pair, so our team knew what to do.
Our Solution: We made a near-perfect replica of the customer’s previous blackout curtains, with 4x6 foot dimensions each, pleated lines every six inches and a folded hem. The only difference was the color. Mr. Farlen redecorated in a different color scheme after the fire, so this time we used dark purple blackout fabric instead of autumn red.

Kendrick Farlen - Newport Beach
Affordable Cellular Shades Nearest Balboa Peninsula CA

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Bowers found he got distracted often by his kids and pets outside while trying to work in his home office and hoped we could help.
Our Solution: We made several recommendations to Mr. Bowers, and he decided that cellular shades would be the most helpful. Not only will they visually block his view of the backyard, but the thick quality has noise-canceling properties as well to make things quieter. This way, he can focus more easily on his work.

Kurt Bowers - Balboa Peninsula
Motorized Blinds for French Door Nearby Costa Mesa CA

Motorized Blinds for a French Door

Customer Issue: Mr. Davidson was tired of fiddling with cords to try to make blinds rest evenly across all the windows at the front of his home, so he contacted us for a consultation.
Our Solution: With motorization, the customer could simply use a remote or his smartphone to adjust all the blinds at once, easily keeping them even. He felt this would be perfect, and the blinds were custom made to complement the door and installed.

Lionel Davidson - Costa Mesa
Drapery Close To Santa Ana CA


Customer Issue: Wanted drapery that could also be used as upholstery for the chairs around the elegant new furniture.
Our Solution: After examining the fabric options in our extensive collection, the customer chose a stylish elegant material that would be perfect for his requirement. Our team installed the custom-made ripple-fold drapes, with double turned hems, mitered corners, liners, and weights and provided the customer with extra fabric for upholstering the chairs.

Jonathan Brian - Santa Ana
Aluminum Blinds Close-by Newport Beach CA

Aluminum Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer’s office building needed new, simple blinds to reduce glare for his employees.
Our Solution: Our customer was in need of blinds that wouldn’t be distracting to employees, were affordable, and that would effectively keep out glare as well as help regulate the temperature to avoid energy waste. Our professionals felt aluminum blinds met all of these needs easily.

Andy Arnold - Newport Beach
Motorized Shades Next To Balboa Peninsula CA

Motorized Shades

Customer Issue: The customer was looking for shades for high up window coverage.
Our Solution: This customer had windows that couldn’t be reached for manual shades and our company had the perfect solution. Motorized shades would allow her to be able to cover them as needed by letting her use a remote control instead of strings.

Freda Maldonado - Balboa Peninsula
Vertical Blinds Close To Newport Beach CA

Vertical Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer needed new blinds for his downstairs rooms, such as the living room.
Our Solution: Due to most of the windows in the living room, kitchen, dining room, and others being large, our professionals suggested vertical blinds. They look far less busy with lines than horizontal blinds for big windows, and help elongate the room.

Jeff Ball - Newport Beach
Outstanding Service

Outstanding Service

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Genuine Products

Genuine Products

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5-Year Warranty

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Competitive Pricing

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