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Blackout Blinds

Blackout Window Treatments

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Blackout Blinds

Affordable Blackout Blinds | Newport Beach Blinds & Shades

Made out of a special, foam-backed fabric that blocks all sunlight, blackout blinds offer the most complete window protection. Affordable, high-quality blackout blinds are easy to order for Newport residents. Our products are all custom made for your windows, to your specifications. Any room in the home or workplace can benefit from blackout blinds.

Blackout Blinds For Office Windows

Blackout blinds can do you as many favors in the workplace as they do at your Newport home. A nice open view is great when the sun isn’t shining straight into your eyes or onto your monitor. When it is, the ability to shut it all out without ruining the airiness of your office is invaluable. Office waiting rooms also benefit from blackout blinds, and a more comfortable environment does you favors where both employee and customer retention are concerned. For longer office windows, have a look at our vertical designs. Vertical blackout blinds are made for wall-length windows like those of many offices and waiting rooms, and ours are made to fit.

Blackout Blinds For Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the rooms that most often have blackout blinds. They’re the rooms you most want to keep the sun out of, and the rooms you least want stuffy and claustrophobic shutters in. On top of your sleep, excess sunlight in the bedroom can also threaten your blankets, sheets, and delicate wallpaper and carpeting. Some thorough light-blocking window blinds can do wonders here! Don’t let the name “blackout blinds” fool you; our products come in all colors, from dark purple or black to light cream or white. Whatever decoration scheme you want for your Newport bedroom, we can make you a set of custom blinds that fit.

Blackout Roman Shades

The ultimate in window treatment aesthetic, Roman shades add a palatial quality to any room you install them in. Made from thick, rich fabric covering an array of horizontal slats, Roman shades are designed to form rippling pleats as they’re raised and lowered. In their fully open position, these shades form a scalloped decoration along the top of the window frame. When closed, they cover the entire pane in gentle ripples. Since Roman shades use thicker material, they’re an easy match for blackout fabric, creating a window treatment that’s both beautiful and ultra-protective. Blackout Roman shades are also perfect for decoration and embellishment with embroidery, tassels, valences, and more.

Newport's Best Motorized Blackout Blinds

Motorized blinds and shades aren’t just a novelty anymore. Studies show that for most home and business owners, they’re also a big saver on both time and expenses. With an automatic opener, you’ll never have to worry about the sun’s impact on your furniture, wallpaper, or air conditioning bills again. Any of our custom blackout blinds can be installed with a motorized opener, battery powered or wired into your electrical system. In addition to their convenience and reliability, motorized shades are child safe due to their lack of cords, and flexible in your choice of remote controls, timers, and sensors. Standard, vertical, and Roman shade style blackout blinds are all available in motorized versions for Newport, LA residents.

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