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Don’t miss your chance to learn new and valuable information about window shades and blinds and various related topics. This FAQ page makes for a great free source of information. Read the questions below to learn how to make the most out of the window treatments in your home or office.

Can my blinds be made in custom sizes?

Yes. Almost all types of blinds and shades can be cut down to be the perfect size to fit your windows. It's best to buy custom made coverings from a specialist blinds provider (like us) to have all the best options. Roller shades are likely to be the most affordable style to have made in custom sizes, but Roman and cellular shades are also readily available options.

Which style of blind is best for energy saving?

Roller and cellular shades can be great for insulation purposes, especially the thicker they are. The fabric of the former, when thick enough, can definitely serve as a heat-barrier screen with moderate efficiency. Although it's only moderate, it's certainly better than nothing. But cellular shades are where extra insulation really comes into play. Their pocket structure (honeycomb-shaped usually) makes them excellent at reducing heat transfer. Either of these shades will help reduce your need for heating and can save on your energy consumption.

How do you remove stains from fabric shades?

It's important that you act immediately to blot the stain from the outside. You can do this by using a paper or fabric towel to avoid color transfer. You can then use a tiny bit of mild detergent to get rid of the stain completely. However, first make sure that it won't damage the fabric in question. If you're uncertain how to proceed, seek professional assistance.

How much light should kitchen window shades let in?

With more ambient light, the kitchen will be brighter and feel more inviting. You will also be able to perform various tasks without turning the lights on. There's something very pleasant about diffused sunlight that's worth utilizing when possible. Remember, even sheer shades can give you the required level of privacy. Give us a call to learn more.

What are silhouette shades?

These coverings are a specific collection of sheer window shades that the brand Hunter Douglas supplies. They have thicker fabric vanes set between two layers of sheer fabric. The result is a unique design with fabulous looks and great functionality. You can tilt the vanes easily to regulate the amount of light and your privacy level.

How many layers of cells can cellular shades have?

It depends. There are cellular shade models with one, two or three layers. The more layers the blinds have, the higher the level of insulation they provide, all other things being equal. Naturally, the material comes into play as well, and whether their custom made or not also plays a factor. Of course, the more insulation cellular shades provide, the heavier they'll be. Consult with Newport Beach Blinds & Shades via a free consultation appointment to have our experts help you find the best insulating coverings for your needs.


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